California North Coast HOG Chapter  (http://www.canorthcoasthog.com/), as this year's host, welcomes you to the 11th Annual North Meets South H.O.G. event.

Six Road Captain guided rides have been planned and routed in preparation for your arrival for Saturday May 25th and Sunday May 26th, and one extra Road Captain guided ride has been planned for Sunday May 26th.  We suggest that you bring cash for lunch and incidentals on each ride. All rides will return to the starting point by 4 pm Saturday, giving you plenty of time to rest, shower, and dress for the H.O.G. banquet and a fun-filled evening!

Here are descriptions of each ride so you can begin planning your North California Coast adventure.

Ride Summary -  Guided

Saturday / Sunday

Shelter Cove Ride

Some of the North Coasst most scenic Motorcycling, Part of the Lost Coast with some magnificent views. Narrow and windy road once leaving Redway with switchbacks . The road is not well maintained may have pot holes. The journey to Shelter Cove and the Ocean is Priceless!  We will Ride into Redway and make the turn to Shelter Cove has a rating 4.0

Trees of Mystery
One of Northren California's top tourist attractions. Located in the heart of the redwoods. A place of wonder, Explore the trails and ride the sky trail / there is a $15 admission charge for adults. Gift store and museum are free. ride rating 3.0

Friday Ridge Ride to Willow Creek
This ride is a round trip of 136 miles with lunch in Willow Creek.  The ride takes CA-299 East to the top of Berry Summit and then works South and East along Titlow Hill Road/Friday Ridge Road returning back to CA-299 West.  Titlow Hill and Friday Ridge roads are narrow winding paved Forest Service Roads containing numerous switchbacks and some potholes that are identified by paint.  

Avenue of the Giants
The Avenue of the Giants is surrounded by Humboldt Redwoods State Parks which has the largest remaining stand of old growth redwoods in the world. It is by far the most incredible display of these giant trees is the Avenue of the Giants!  The road winds alongside the scenic Eel River, and connects several small towns. The two-lane road has a number of parking areas, attractions for visitors. The nearby river provides breath taking veiws with locations locations, such as those at the Rockefeller Forest redwood grove.

Local Treasures Ride 
We will ride up one of our local mountains for some scenic pastures land, redwoods and distant ocean views. Once we wind our way off mountain we will continue on into Arcata to another local treasure, the  Kinetic Grand Champpion Race! This is a one of a kind race only in Humboldt! After lunch we will ride back to Eureka for photos in front of the Carson Mansion.

Bridgeville Ride
30 miles of Highway 36!  Crossing the Van Duzen River to Nearby Bridgeville, CA the pit stop on the pony express route! The town that back in 2002 was sold on Ebay.com for 1.8 million dollars, the first time such a thing has ever happened. Bring your camera for this ride to a historic Bridge.  Rather than level the road, the original crew followed the lay of the land when they built Highway 36, producing swinging twists and turns that make this road particularly fun on two wheels.

Trike Special  (Sunday only)
Calling all trikes for a ride that we will excel on while those 2-wheelers brave enough to ride with us will have to white-knuckle!  We will ride up one of our local mountains for some scenic pasture land, redwoods and distant ocean views. And then the fun begins. We will take the back road into Maple Creek and Korbel.  The twisty road can be narrow and rough with portions that are not paved.  Unpaved sections are mostly hard packed dirt with some gravel.  But the serene landscape along this route is quite beautiful.  This ride will have limited facilities until we get back to civilization.

Self Rides

Klamath Tree
Sixty minute north of Eureka, the newest of the drive-thru redwoods sits atop a hill near Redwood National Park and Yurok tribal lands along the Klamath River. Nice Northern ride with views of the Ocean and some beautiful Redwood Highways ending at a drive thru Tree! Small l fee for entrance  If entrance booth closed, honor system in place for payment.  This ride has a rating 3.0